WTF is wrong with people?

Imagine being stuck in a violent relationship, with a court ordered AVO but still having to live under the same roof as the perpetrator !

Today we received a phone call from a beautiful lady in this very position, Rebecca* has an amazing job within a great organisation, she has one 18 year old son and no pets. 

Granted she does not have a rental history BUT SHE OWNS A $1.6 MILLION DOLLAR PROPERTY…

Rebecca has been rejected for over 20 rental properties in recent weeks!!!!!

We showed Rebecca a property within an hour of her first phone call to us, a property we had listed only 12 hours prior, a property that another agent had listed for over 3 weeks without any interest. 

After doing our due diligence and openly discussing her situation with the landlord we had Rebecca and her son approved within hours. Our landlord was over the moon at a great result and we have been able to make a difference in someone’s life. 

Why is it so hard for other property managers to change their mindset ? 

I am so proud of our ability to look beyond what is traditionally considered an “ideal tenant”, we now have a portfolio with a large percentage of single parent households that are absolutely perfect tenants. We never have them appear on our arrears lists and their periodic inspections are always perfect. These tenants generally end up being long term tenants and we have never once had a landlord that has regretted their decision to give someone a chance.

How many women and children stay in dangerous situations just because they have failed to secure a rental property ? It is definitely time the industry changes ….

*Name changed to protect our clients identity

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