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For those of you who do not know me, I better introduce myself:

Like most women I wear many hats,

I am the tooth fairy who goes to bed exhausted and has to listen to a broken heart in the morning when a little girl realises that she was forgotten about.

I am the daughter who misses her mums 52nd birthday party because I chose to stay back in the office to sign contracts knowing that it will allow my client to sleep better that night.

I am the wife that cannot switch off, who sits by her husband on the lounge night after night filling out paperwork, writing adverts and answering phone calls until the minute she goes to bed.


I am an emotional, hormonal female that bottles things up until she explodes and looks like a complete idiot.


I am Peggy Willcox, Licensee for Mooney Real Estate. I work 7 days a week and every waking moment to ensure that I am giving my clients the best I can possibly give and to ensure that my family does not go without food on the table or a roof over their head.

I have learnt many lessons over the past two years and I feel like I have grown as a person and agent at every step of the way. I came from a Corporate Accounting background, working in the Sydney CBD and had very few business contacts in Penrith when I changed careers

The first lesson I learnt is the importance of having your tribe

In my first year, being the only female in the office, I had a task to write a list of “Inspirational Women” who I could invite to a networking lunch. I spent months literally and could not come up with a single person to invite…. Something had to change! Over the last year I have gone out of my way to connect with like-minded women. Clearly I achieved my goal! Not only was I presented with a finalist award in the Women with Altitude “Strategic Connector of the year category” this week BUT I can also list at least 50 inspirational women off the top of my head that I now call friends. These women kick me up the butt when I need it, inspire me daily, have helped me increase my local presence drastically and best of all make me laugh.



The second lesson I learnt is to embrace what makes me different

For me, my light bulb moment, my moment that has changed the way I approach my business was all thanks to “that’s life magazine” …. It was an article I was reading that was talking about these house wives that were raking in tens of thousands of dollars a year by entering competitions. How did they do it? They made the effort to stand out! in the sea of generic white envelopes they would be the oversized pink envelope covered in stickers.

So now you are probably sitting there thinking “How on earth does this relate to Real Estate?”. Well I am the oversized pink envelope covered in stickers among the sea of generic real estate agents. My red hair that I grew up hating I now embrace and know that it is one of the things that makes me memorable. I no longer care that I am in a male dominated industry because there are just some things they will never be able to achieve that we can and this is now a strength that I use in all of my listing presentations.


The Third lesson I learnt is to stay true to myself and my beliefs

Now I’m sure Real Estate is not the first industry that jumps to mind when you think of integrity and it is definitely something that challenges me almost daily. I have quite regularly considered getting out of the industry altogether because I feel that my ethics do not gel with my peers. I find myself very limited with opportunities of agencies to work with that I would feel comfortable putting my name to.

In my role, my number one rule is to do what is in my Clients best interest, this is not always top dollar which some people struggle to understand… so how do I do what is in my clients best interest when I disagree with my clients ethics? Obviously if it was at the start of the relationship I would choose to part ways with the client and wish them all the best in finding an agent better suited to them. But what do you do when our ethics conflict towards the end of the transaction, I have no choice but to continue to act in their best interests even though it could damage my reputation and hurt another party, normally the purchaser.

My ethics obviously provide me with a point of difference in my industry, although I find it quite amusing that when I first started in Real Estate my ethics actually held me back…. I literally had vendors tell me that they went with a male competitor because they though he was a dick head…. They thought they needed the stereotypical arrogant male to get the top dollar for their property.

I obviously was over the moon when a month later I received the call to ask me to re-list their property as the prior agent failed to sell the property and she couldn’t stand working with him any longer.  And yes I sold it on the first weekend!

Whilst I did feel that I was at first disadvantaged, I now feel that it is why I have 9 active listings while some competitors are crying poor.

My ethics are the basis for most of the points of difference I have. I remind myself daily of the first ethics lesson all children are taught! Treat others how you would like to be treated….

1) Do I like having people knock on my door? No…so I do not door knock

2) Do I like people calling me at home during dinner time? No… so I actually re-fuse to cold call full stop

These are both tasks that all Real Estate agents are taught and forced to do. At training sessions you are told that you need to do x number of door knocks a day and x number of phone calls a day to generate leads, you are told that you will fail as an agent if you fail to do these fundamental tasks…so why then have I sold 30 million dollars’ worth of property in 2 years?

As you can see, I am a pretty simple person, there isn’t years of training behind my life philosophies, I see everything that I do as simply common sense. Things that you can take and apply to your own industry and when combined with hard work and determination you will find success.


And finally I have learnt not to let negative people and negative events hold me back from achieving my best.


2015 for me was without a doubt the worst year of my life, I watched my 47-year-old mother in law take her last breath, I saw my husband loose his business and the $200,000 we invested into it. I struggled financially and nearly ended my marriage… I lost my mojo, I lost myself and finally in December I went through an immense amount of online bullying at the hands of a competitor that affected my business.


With the help of my tribe, I started 2016 with a fresh outlook, I put 2015 behind me and focused on what is important…my happiness and my family’s happiness.


Along with it, my business flourished and I have more work than I could have ever dreamt of.


I am happy, I am stronger than ever and I am getting my revenge by being the best I can in every possible way.


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