Why being a landlord makes us AWESOME Property Managers

5 Years ago we purchased a beautiful 4 bedroom Queenslander on the Fraser Coast… Well all I can say is WHY THE HELL DID WE DO THAT?


You work hard, think you are doing the right thing by investing in your future rather than spending all of your disposable income and without the right property manager on your side your dream can quickly turn into an absolute nightmare.

We have gone through 5 property managers and 5 tenants in 5 years!!!!

We have had to claim loss of rent 5 times and claimed malicious damage repairs twice… the last time the damage devalued our property by $90,000.



I am pleased to say that we have finally found tenants that pay their rent every week without fail and Property Managers that have amazing communication skills.

Communication from your Property Manager is absolutely VITAL ! Can you imagine month after month only finding out that your property managers have not received any rent for the entire month THE DAY BEFORE YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENT IS DUE! And no, they didn’t call to tell us… we only discovered that we would not be receiving rent because nothing hit our bank account on the 31st of the month as it was supposed to.

Imagine how nice it would have been to have received a phone call giving us a heads up lets say, a week before the mortgage was due! Wow, actually having time to prepare to cover the missing payment.

We will always communicate all rental arrears with our landlords and do our very best to resolve any issues prior to the end of month cycle.

Of course we are lucky that our fabulous property manager Sean has extensive debt collection skills to ensure that any arreas are managed effectively.

For more information on our property management services please email MOONEY info@o7h73.hosts.cx

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