Tenants Matter #1

Our very first property management client asked me what my opinion was of leasing her property to a single parent family… I will admit that I did pause for a minute!


Clearly my answer here could loose me my first client… but in true Peggy fashion I went with the honest answer regardless of the expected outcome.

My response: “the best tenant I have ever had in my investment property was a single gentlemen on a disability pension”… “As long as they appear to be good people and all of my background check come back looking good then I have no problem at all in leasing a property to a single parent family”.

Now, I was definitely NOT expecting the response I received… she smiled and responded with “that’s great to hear, they have a hard enough time as it is”.

What a great start! My very first client in my new business was in fact my “ideal client”.

This is why I have invested everything I have in to starting my own agency; so that I have a business that I am proud of and where my morals can be the foundation for all of our actions without fear of retribution. 

Peggy xxx

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