The best way to have your maintenance request resolved, is to submit your request in writing.

Putting your request in writing will ensure you have accurate records of when you first reported the issue.

Please use this for to describe your maintenance issue.


As part of our service commitment to our landlords, we will conduct up to 4 routine inspections per year.

All tenants are given at least 7 notice in writing. If you need to reschedule, you will need to do this in writing by sending an email to or using the contact us page on our website.

If we do not get confirmation or a request to reschedule, we will take our office set of keys to access the property to complete the inspection. 

(For more information regarding our rights to access your property without your presence, please see Fair Trading).


Paying your rent on time should be your first priority. 

Here is what you are risking when you fall into arrears!


Arrears are recorded on your ledger automatically, and cannot be removed. This can impact your chances when you need your ledger to apply for a new rental, or finance.


You will be issued with a 14 day termination notice once your arrears reach 14+ days. This notice gives you just 14 days to remedy your arrears, or vacate the property & return the keys.


We will lodge an application for a hearing with NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal when we issue your termination notice, or when you are frequently in arrears.


You may be black listed against TICA & the National Tenancy Database. This is visible to all other agencies for 5+ years & will dramatically impact your chances of being approved in future.


If arrears become an ongoing issue, we will not be able to provide a positive reference for you. Without a positive reference from another agency, your application is less competitive.


If necessary, we will arrange for the local sheriffs office to remove you from the property & change the locks. They can also assist in having your income garnished before you even receive it.