Ceiling Collapse – Leaving a single Mum on the street!

On Sunday afternoon- a single mum returned home to her rental property to find the ceiling along with electrical wires & insulation (feared to be containing asbestos) had collapsed  leaving her without a safe place to call home.  

Mel found herself overwhelmed and struggling to comprehend what to do next. Feeling like her real estate agency (not Mooney Real Estate) had put her emergency situation into the “too hard basket” , Mel appealed to Facebook for assistance.

The team at Mooney Real Estate saw what was happening, and stepped in to offer support.

Mooney Real Estate contacted the Principal of the agency Mel was renting through, as it seemed he was blissfully unaware of the situation. The response we received back from the Principal was: “thanks for trying to get involved… I would suggest you look after your own business” … “clearly i have a 10000000 better business than your business. So if I need advice from someone it wouldn’t be you” … “please delete my number and never contact me again” then we were threatened with LEGAL ACTION.

Within 48 hours, the agency Mel was renting through had hand delivered an EVICTION NOTICE, she cannot return to her ‘home’ to collect her belongings, and at the same time, her agency is withholding her bond until she does. TALK ABOUT BEING STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE! 

Even though we couldn’t be the voice Mel needed with her current agency, we decided that we would do everything we could to help Mel.

Now, Mel and her two children are staying in short term accommodation above a Pub in Western Sydney. With no savings or financial support from family, there is very little she can do to improve her situation. The other agency have finally agreed to reimburse Mel for two nights accommodation.

At the moment, Mel needs to raise money to pay for bond and the minimum requirement of two weeks rent in advance ($2,580) for a new home, plus any extra funds to replace her damaged furniture and belongings, pay for additional short term accommodation, moving costs and food (her fridge is in a house she cannot enter).

Thanks so much to news.com.au for helping us spread the word!

We have started an account to help raise funds for her, and any contribution is greatly appreciated! Every single dollar raised will go to helping Mel land on her feet!

If you would like to contribute here are the details

Name: Mooney Real Estate

BSB 032-273

Account: 396270

Reference: Helping Mel

Please feel free to send us an email or chat to our staff online to let us know you have made a contribution. We would like to be able to thank you personally. 






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