Can an advert make or break your sale?

Excuse me while I fall over myself… Does a fish swim in water?

They say that you have approximately 8 seconds to capture the attention of a buyer, in those 8 seconds they decide whether to continue to read or to disregard your property altogether… the advertisement for your property is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF YOUR CAMPAIGN!

I often wait to write my adverts until late at night when my creative juices are flowing freely and I have no distractions. First I will review all of the professional photos and arrange them in order; I will select the “Hero” shot which is my favourite photo that will draw people in and make them click on your property over every other property. I like to be the rose in the middle of the thorns i.e when every other agent puts up a main shot of the front of the house I will be the sparkling pool.

Below is an example of my hero shot for 3 Ferntree Close Glenmore Park:

 Secondly, I write the text of the advert (Note: Pricing will be covered in a different blog post) and I will often leave the head line until last, once I know where my story takes me. 


While every property is different I will always start writing with my target market in mind (first home buyers, investors, developers, retirees etc etc ) and will sway my advert to appeal to this group. For example if I was targeting a developer I would focus on the location, size, zoning and amenities surrounding the property or if I was targeting retirees I would focus on the quiet location, low maintenance features of the property.

On average I spend around 2 hours perfecting my advert to ensure that it will flow with ease and appeal to buyers.

So how do I know that all this effort actually pays off? Well the proof is in the statistics:



Do your self a favour before you list your property for sale, review some of their past advertisements! If they don’t put much effort into the advert (beginning of the campaign) how much effort do you think they will put into your open homes and negotiations?

Finally, I will leave you with my little win for the day that inspired this post:



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