Advertorial – Penrith Gazette

When Peggy Willcox launched her own real estate business in Penrith six months ago, she wanted a business name that captured her motivation and fresh approach in a male-dominated industry.

For Peggy, Mooney Real Estate says it all.

“Mooney was chosen in recognition of Elizabeth Mooney, who was NSW’s first female real estate agent, so it all ties in together,” she says. “The brand was designed to stand out from the male-led competitors I’m surrounded by.”

The significance of creating a brand that showcases the strength of a pioneering businesswoman is something that makes Peggy extremely proud and, with six successful months behind her, she has her eye on a dynamic future in a fast-paced sector.

“We’re taking over, on average, three new property managements per week from dissatisfied landlords who have just felt like a number and that their business was not valued,” Peggy says.

At Mooney Real Estate, her personal commitment to quality customer service is something Peggy is passionate about delivering and, with her husband Sean Willcox as her business partner, she has the added support that a united team brings.

Peggy’s own specialty is sales and she knows the 24-hour access on offer to all her vendors is something that sets her apart.

“Our slogan is ‘real estate as it should be’,” says Peggy. “For me, that’s an environment of genuinely great ethics, personalised service, advice that is reliable and honest, with sales strategies that are bold but effective. The real estate industry is changing – I’m proud to be part of it.”

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