6 Months on – Mooney Real Estate is making an impact!

Well we have successfully had our doors open for 6 months now and in all honestly could not be happier! We are gaining great traction in the Penrith market and are really excited about the next 12 months where we will grow bigger and better as each month passes.

We have successfully SOLD six properties at a combined value of $4.2 million dollars and have 30 property managements under our belt! Not so surprisingly the majority of our property managements have been take over’s from long term established agencies in Penrith… We knew we would always have a strength in this area but could never have anticipated just how poorly managed some of these properties have been.

We have seen properties with NO ingoing inspection reports, NO periodic inspections for over 12 months, majority no longer within a fixed term tenancy agreement with the landlords none the wiser, repairs been approved without the consent of the landlord, missing keys…. and the list could go on and on! We have been flat out getting these properties back on track which admittedly has stalled our growth slightly BUT we would not have it any other way, after all, we want quality over quantity.

Our brand is getting noticed, thanks largely to our two “Mooney Mobiles” that stand out from a mile away. A HUGE thank you to Killer Image Blacktown for a fantastic design and quality work!


As Christmas approaches and the market starts to slow, we are eagerly using the down time to focus on our marketing strategy for the first six months of 2017… I seriously cannot wait to share it with you! It will have a HUGE community focus and fits perfectly with our target market so here’s hoping for some great PR and in turn some amazing business opportunities.

We see 2017 as a year for growth; hiring more staff, gaining a big chunk of the Penrith market and really starting to get our brand talked about by shaking up the industry and doing things the only way I will ever do things… MY WAY!

Merry Christmas everyone and from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU for your support !

Peggy & Sean xx

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